Welcome to Bingemode. We're a lifestyle brand that takes binge watching very seriously.

The owner and creative director of Bingemode has spent many years cultivating her fondness for good, bad, and downright cheesy television. It all began in college, where she spent more time watching reruns of Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place than in a lecture hall. And while having a healthy knowledge of all things pop culture didn't necessarily translate into a college degree, it did make for great blog material.

Five years later, and with her blogging days behind her, she needed a new outlet to share her latest TV obsessions, and thus Bingemode was born. Because in the age of Netflix and Hulu, we can now proudly declare our love of television.

Our apparel and accessories are sourced for their quality and screen printed in our Fort Lauderdale shop. We plan on updating the shop with new designs on a regular basis so make sure to keep checking back for new arrivals. If you'd like to share some feedback about our line (or send some binge watching recommendations) feel free to send us an email at info@bingemode.com